Nagila Restaurant in Jerusalem

“Nagila” is a strictly Kosher (Mehadrin) Jerusalem restaurant known for its diverse,
fresh and creative vegan cuisine which includes a variety of cooked dishes, home made pastries, special salads, freshly squeezed juices and tasty deserts. 

Gila, the owner is in charge of our indulging menu which is always based on the freshest, 
healthiest, best quality ingredients available.
You can find “Nagila” in the picturesque Mashiyach Barukhof alley, between Jaffa street and Agripas street, near Clal Building, at the heart of the historic neighborhood of  Even Yisrael, right at the beating center of Jerusalem.
“Nagila” is housed in beautiful 120 years old building, characteristic of the 
19th century construction style of this neighborhood. The arches and high ceilings bestow on 
the ambiance in “Nagila” not only to always be pleasant but to be special and memorable.
We invite you to be our guests in “Nagila”, to enjoy the courteous service and the 
wonderful food. 
Business lunch at 35 NIS offers you a healthy and delicious midday meal.
Hold your private celebrations and events in “Nagila” or order food to take for your special event at home. 
We will provide each guest with a glass of wine on the house, would you choose to hold your event in house. 
“Nagila” offers take away options on the whole menu.
Feel free to order take away during the week and as you prepare for the Shabbath meal. 

Saturday night

every saturday night beer,sangria,vegan pizza and

 live show