You can find Nagila restaurant in a picturesque romantic alley in Even Yisrael neighborhood, within a beautiful arched building with high ceilings. The beautiful space was remodeled with heart and talent by Gila, the owner, and Yonathan, her husband, who made the wooden bar as well as some of the other furniture himself. The restaurant’s chef, Hannah Jasmine, is Gila’s eldest daughter and both women run this unique place which serves a diverse, fresh, creative vegetarian-vegan cuisine.

The Nagila story is one of talent and initiative of two exceptional women. About three years ago, Gila looked for a caterer for the Bat – Mitzvah of Meshi, her younger daughter, and realized they were all too expensive for the quality of the food they offered. Gila and Hannah Jasmine decided to prepare everything themselves using their talent and creativity and the Bat-Mitzvah was a marvelous success. Following this, a friend hired Gila and Hanna Jasmine to cater for her, and this is how it all began.

Gila and Hannah Jasmine realized how distinct their homemade food, which they prepare with so much love, is. This ignited their passion to share it with everyone – and they embarked on the greatest adventure of their lives. Following a long search for the best setting they came across this beautiful building in the long-standing neighborhood of Even Isreal, right next to Nachla’ot and to the Machne Yehuda market. Gila immediately said – “This is where we will open our restaurant”   

We are very careful here in Nagila’s kitchen to pick the freshest, healthiest, most quality ingredients available. We don’t own a microwave and all the salads are prepared upon order. The ambience in Nagila is always pleasant, and you can enjoy temporary exhibitions by local artists on our walls.

Nagila is our home and we are more than happy to be your host